About My Soul Happiness

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy.    ~Rumi

I have been described as a free spirit, an eccentric,a social butterfly, and intellectually stimulating.  Sometimes I believe all of that, but most days I simply feel like an ordinary person with my own hopes and dreams, fears and doubts.  In reality, I’m a 30-something professionally licensed massage therapist happily living in Charlotte, NC with my beloved husband, 2 cats, and  1 dog.  I have a myriad of interests, but the ones that create happiness in my soul are within this blog.  My love of massage and natural wellness come from my love affair  with anatomy and nature.   My love of gardening and DIY projects stems from my  my need to create with my hands.  My adoration of books and music come from my desire to connect with others who feel as I do.  This blog is an extension of my desire to connect and share with others the full joy and happiness residing in my soul and in my world.  Feel free to connect and share with me as you wish.

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