Forever Optimistic




I’m a little bit sheltered
I’m a little bit scared
I’m a little bit nervous
I’m goin’ no where

I’m a little bit jealous
I’m a little bit slow
I’m a little bit hurtful
And I don’t wanna let it go

And I don’t wanna let it go

I’m just a believer
That things will get better
Some can take it or leave it
But I don’t wanna let it go

-Believer, American Authors


I love this song so much.  The chorus often gets stuck in my head while I’m at work, which I find nice because it is so upbeat and the message is a good one.  I also just feel this song on a regular basis.  I’m all of the above adjectives and I’m working on changing myself for the better.  So I don’t let it get me down too much.  When I find myself thinking about bad or hurtful things I’ve done, I take a deep breath and tell myself, “No, I’m not that person anymore.  I am better than that now.”  I’m bringing new awareness to my actions, my words, and my thoughts.  I’m not allowing myself to be negative or hurtful to others or to myself for that matter.  Yes, I am a believer that things will get better, and I’m working on myself daily to make it so.




photo credit: `James Wheeler via photopin




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