You whine like a mule.  You are still alive.

– Azeem, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


My last post tempted the gods, I think.

Two days after my post, I got into a fight with a good friend over words from my past, recent and distant.  A fight that still isn’t resolved.

A week later, I totaled my car when I pulled out in front of someone who I did not see.

That same week, due to minor injuries, I was out of work and lost quite a few clients.

Two weeks later, while house/dog sitting, I get accosted by a neighbor of the house and made to feel incredibly inferior.

A few days later, I get informed that the person who I hit, is suing me for medical bills.

A day later, I had to take my new car into the shop to get the transmission fixed.  It took a week, but it was free and I got a loaner vehicle.

A week after that, the mother of my own neighbor sneered at me with such vehemence and hissed I was pathetic, and it gutted me internally.

This week, well, I guess it’s OK so far.  I’m afraid to say anything. But I’m still alive.  I’ll count my blessings on that.







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