May We All Float On

Life is just what happens to you,
While your busy making other plans,

   -John Lennon


May you live in interesting times. – Chinese curse


I’ve been absent the last two months because nothing has been happening or maybe a lot has been happening, or maybe my inspiration sort of died for a bit or I just haven’t felt the desire to write.  Regardless, nothing has been really happening to me.  I travel daily in my mind to many places and have many thoughts, but I find most of them hard to put down into words.  Most of them would be labeled under the terms crazy, New Age, imagined, and ‘what drugs are you on?’ , but nonetheless I entertain them.


Right now in my outer world, my life goes on as normal; my daily job and daily home life.  However, I’m watching my friends go through some adventures.  My best friend has been living with an unstable job and not knowing if she’ll have a job next Fall, then her dog got very sick and almost left this world, followed by the sudden death of a very good friend of hers, and culminating in getting a ‘Cinderella story job’, all of this while planning her wedding which will happen in 2 weeks.  My other best friend has been going through a separation/divorce/not sure exactly what since it changes daily after her husband decided to have an affair with a girl 10 years his junior since March.  My sister’s family recently moved and bought their very first house, and  we recently got the news her husband got a big promotion.  My parents are dealing with my 34 year old brother moving back home with little money and a few job prospects despite his actual intelligence, and a new dog just showed up on their porch the other week that they have decided to rescue and keep.  My shaman friend was almost kicked out of her tribe due to tribal politics, making her have to move from her home for a little bit cheaper accommodations. Another friend of mine found out she was pregnant right after she was so excited to go on birth control and stop breastfeeding her 10 month old, and another friend’s husband recently lost his job. And lastly, a friend of mine discovered her 1 yr old grandson has a cataract, which is very rare in one so young.  My heart goes out to all of my friends who are going through such trials.  I hope everything turns out OK for them all.


All of this going on around me and I’m sitting in my world content and grateful that my life really has nothing going on in it.  Life could always be worse or chaotic.  My happiness lies in knowing that I am loved by a very wonderful man that I can come home to, and that I have a dog who appreciates my presence.  My adventures are in the daily moments when I place my hands on my clients, helping them heal and relax.  My great highs are when those clients thank me in pure joy when I am able to take away their pain and help them move again.  I find my smiles when looking at the flowers that are growing in my garden, despite my not being able to get in the dirt this year.   And I’m grateful that I can take my simple and uninteresting life and have time to give care and healing to my friends and family who need it more than I do.


Life isn’t perfect though.  I still have my daily stresses wondering daily if I’ll get fired, wondering how I’m going to pay my bills, trying to plan my own business model, and trying to become a better human being.   Yet I’ll stay grateful for where I am and where I’m going.  My friends say it’s bad of me that I don’t constantly aspire for material/real world adventures, but for the moment I think it’s best that I float where I am.  I’m content and may the universe keep me that way for a long time.


photo credit: Kit Logan via photopin cc

photo credit: Kit Logan via photopin cc


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