Waking Up

I’ve been thinking ’bout things
For a long while
I’m feeling so calm
I’ve got a big smile
I have a view of the sun
Right over the sea
And now I can feel
Life is flowing through me

You see I’ve finally woken


I’ve been away because I have been going through a lot of internal changes and learning many things about myself.  It’s a great journey, and I’ve been hesitant to post about the various changes and realizations sine they are a bit out there in scope.  But I will get around to it.  For the moment, lets just say I’ve come to some wonderful realizations about my self and healing techniques.  I’m wonderfully happy and feel like I’ve started to really reach my potential in the field of massage.  So, yes I’ve finally woken to who I should be and I’m accepting it with open arms.  More posts to follow on this topic.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

photo credit: drubuntu via photopin cc

photo credit: drubuntu via photopin cc


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