A Day of Reverie and Friends

photo credit: Etrusia UK via photopin cc

photo credit: Etrusia UK via photopin cc

Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.  ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It was a beautiful almost 60 degree day today.  The sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was enough of a promise that Spring might actually be on its way.  Ok, so there’s a 70% chance of snow this Tues and Wed, but honestly there are few things more unpredictable in the world than snow in the Carolinas.  So I’m looking towards the brighter sun and feeling its warmth while I can.  Beautiful days like this make me feel so free and wild, like everything is limitless, and I love dreaming on these days, to plan and let my ideas take shape.  What went through my mind?  Lots of colors and happiness, and it was good.

I dreamed about painting my front door a bright cheery orange.  My entryway is a mini porch, not a stoop, but actually a mini covered porch and my doorway is a bit in the dark.  It’s currently a burgundy/dried blood color, but it needs some cheer and color. I thought maybe purple or brighter red, but it just needs some cheer and flair.  So orange it is, but not pumpkin orange.  No, a little more subdued , but not much.  My house is a bland beige/tan, so too bright would be tacky.  Maybe a peachy orange? Hmm, let me look at Pinterest for a minute. Ooh, something like this looks cool.

After the idea for my door, it also dawned on me I need to repaint my little porch.  The paint is peeling, and it really needs it.  So I guess that will be done too.  It’s already white, and I’m keeping it that color.  My bit of “white picket fence” if you will.  Then the idea came to me that maybe my Beloved could build a little window flower box to hang off my railing.  I have one right now, but it’s one of those wire contraptions that I have to get a new badly fitting coconut liner for every year.  I think a box would look much tidier and cuter.  So I’ll have to convince him to do that for me.  If he sees me trying to play with power tools that will probably do the trick.  ;0)

As to loftier thoughts today?  I was able to hang out with one of my wonderful friends today.  This friend of mine is probably a decade older than me and is so full of life and energy.  Just being with her for a bit energizes me and sets my mind whirling.  Today as we ambled down the sidewalk, we spoke about how I have a tendency to insult myself all the time.  She asked me why am I always judging myself because no one else is doing it to me.  I laughed and asked her if she meant I should stop being self-depreciating, to stop depreciating the value of my self.  She looked at, jumped up and down, and shouted a resounding YES!  Then she told me to allow myself to swagger when I walk so that my body would stay looser and not so uptight all the time.  OK, why not? I can get some swagger, couldn’t I? So we swaggered down the sidewalk and espoused on how I keep holding myself back by my own thoughts and comments I make to myself.  It was actually a great conversation filled with some things I already know, but just needed to hear back to me out loud.  Afterwards on my way home I thought to myself about my created roadblocks and detriments, and said to myself, “Let’s be limitless! Be spontaneous! Commit to my thoughts and do the things I want to do.”  Yes, I’ll remember this.  Maybe I should write it down and leave it somewhere I see it often, like near my computer. Yes.

I noticed recently I’m getting addicted to the color yellow.  I’ve always hated yellow, but it keeps coming to me.  I find myself wanting to paint my living room a pretty shade of sunny yellow, lemony and bright.  When I designed this blog, I found myself drawn to yellow.  I think maybe for the happiness vibe, but yellow is also a color of creativity, energy, change, and wisdom.  I guess those are things I’m inviting into my life and I wish to be surrounded by it.  I won’t ever wear it because it clashes badly with my skin tone, but I’ll surround myself with it and be happy.

OK, that’s my rambling today. More to come later this week.  Curious as to where my mind might go next. My Beloved has asked to me to work on his neck, so I guess I should oblige.  He doesn’t ask me much for the free massage skills.  So that is where I go to now.


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