A Somber Week

“The sky now divides to bring you back into the fold.  Welcome home. …..  I have not the words to write a farewell to you tonight.”

     -Maybe, Collective Soul

I know it’s not Monday, and I also know I didn’t post anything last Monday.  I’ve been busy with and somber feeling with thoughts of my grandmother.   On Sunday, Jan 26, the nursing home she has been in called in the family saying she didn’t have long, and then on  the next Tuesday she passed away peacefully just as the snow began to fall here.  This past Sunday, the 2nd, we buried her with military honors.  My grandmother had been battling Alzheimer’s for the last decade, and I’m glad she is at peace now.

I could say a lot about my grandmother, but I think the biggest thing is how she was always happy.  She was fun loving and  always ready with a smile or a laugh, even at her own expense.  It’s the memory of her I will always keep and try to live up to myself, to always keep faith and be happy like she did.

Maybe eventually I will write a piece worthy of describing my grandmother since she was such an amazing and wonderful person.  However, for now, I will take this week to  find some of my own peace with her passing and to remember her in all of her many  beautiful ways.


photo credit: Chad McDonald via photopin cc

photo credit: Chad McDonald via photopin cc


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