Being Brave – Monday Motivations

“Say what you wanna say,

And let the words fall out.

Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.”

-“Brave”, Sara Baraeilles



Any blogger who allows their blog to be public knows there is a certain amount of bravery you have to tap into, so I choose this song to start out my Monday Motivations series.  This weekly series will showcase various songs to start the week to inspire my thoughts, encourage my actions, and change my emotions to the positive.  I’ve always loved music and it has always had such a powerful effect on me, soothing my soul or picking it back off the ground after a beating.  It is only fitting that I use it as a tool for my soul education.

This blog isn’t my only bravery this week.  I also need to rustle up some bravery for going back to work this week.  I’ve been on a 2 month hiatus from work since I broke my leg the first week of December.  In my profession, being gone for 2 months can cause a lot of changes. The biggest and most worrisome of those being that I might have lost my clientele and have to start from the beginning by building it up again. Building a returning clientele is probably one of the most difficult skills in the massage business. On a positive note though, this two months has given me a break and time to relax a bit, which might make my massage skills better and might make building up the clientele easier.  I won’t know until I’m back on Wednesday.  I am happy to be going back though.  My hands need to be working in order for me to be completely happy.

My funny bit of bravery this week will come in the form of my birthday.  Tomorrow I turn a young 32 years old.  So far I have loved my 30’s because they have constantly brought about so much wisdom and freedom that I didn’t think of when I was in my 20’s.  Still, facing the fact of getting older is always a little daunting, right?  Embracing my 30’s is my brave front for it

May your week be filled with bravery.  Deep Peace.

photo credit: OnFoot4now (Didi) via photopin cc


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