Nurturing My Soul – A Mission

 Nurturing: (verb) 
1. to feed and protect support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster bring up; train; educate.

We all lose sight of who we want to be or what we want to do at some point in our lives. Life ends up beating us down and we lose our inspirations and our happiness.  We begin to feel hollow and empty, and we wonder what happened to make us feel so cynical and jaded. Then comes the inevitable question: What am I missing?

This happened to me over the course of 6 years for a variety of reasons that can be all be found under the umbrella heading of Fear and Ego.  My fear kept me from being who I really was, of  letting my real light and soul shine forth for all to see.  My ego stepped in and said that if I hid and bent my ways to fit the opinion of everyone else, I would be happier because I would be more accepted.  My fear said I might not ever be successful.  My ego soothed me with stories of how I never really had been successful before, and why should I bother to keep trying.  My fears stopped me from taking chances and making commitments, and my ego beat me up by professing that being quiet and mediocre was okay.

I’m not going to be that way anymore.  I am going to nurture my inner spirit and become happier. This blog is about coming back to myself and holding myself up to who I aspire to be, to listen to my soul stirrings and answering them.  It’s about finding peace, happiness, and balance through internal dialogue. It’s about seeking out tranquility in inspirational books, music, and poetry.  It’s about exploring a healthy well being with natural health and good food.  It’s about discovering joy in creativity and nature.  It’s about giving food and protection to those things which bring happiness to my soul, supporting and encouraging my beliefs and hobbies, and re-educating myself to let my inner light shine.  In short, to nurture my soul and bring about my happiness.

I invite you to join me and maybe find your soul happiness as well.  Maybe we will all learn something new.

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc


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